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“Take a trip to arts and culture with Overland Park, Kansas Museums!” 

Rediscovering the past should be on the list of your to-dos when traveling or exploring different places. One way to take you down to stories of history is through visiting museums and art exhibitions. These institutions display the culture and heritage of a specific place, which is highly a must when you want to learn more about the area. Museums are great places that take you back to a time of great art and culture. It is also home to wonders and fascinating stories that one could take knowledge from hearing. 

Overland Park, Kansas, is one place to note when it comes to reviving the memories of history. Many museums in Overland Park display heritage in various ways and exhibits. Preservation of history comes in many forms, and Overland Park Museums can prove this. These establishments in Overland Park represent that heritage, no matter what ambiance it is in, continues to live presently because of its perpetual wonders. Here are some of the Museums that sit right at the heart of Overland Park, Kansas.

Johnson County Museum

One way of knowing Kansas’ roots and origin is through visiting a museum that showcases its history best. Overland Park has that museum which capacitates the heritage of Kansas. A more in-depth understanding of Johnson County’s history may be gained through the museum’s hallmark display, “Becoming Johnson County.” The exhibit’s centerpiece, the All-Electric 1950s House, depicts the American Dream many felt they might discover in Johnson County, Kansas.

At Kidscape, a section of the Johnson County Museum offers three different towns, allowing visitors, particularly children, to engage with and learn about the history of the state of Kansas. Children can presently experience the 1870’s in the farmstead area teaches children farm life, including caring for animals, gathering eggs, gardening, and household duties within the home. Additionally, the Johnson County Museum allows visitors to time travel back to the 1900s. They may sell produce at the City Market, act fronting an audience at the theatre, and even teach at the school built in that era. 

Furthermore, tourists will have the opportunity to experience suburban life as it existed in the 1950s. Opportunities and activities that guests may participate in include caring for sick patients at the hospital, preparing burgers and fries at the diner, and building a house for a new suburban family, among other things. The Johnson County Museum even provides visitors the opportunity to explore a park that contains a hidden cave!

The Johnson County Museum recently received the American Association of State and Local History’s 2021 Award of Excellence for their response to the current crisis, which is the COVID-19. It was the American Association of State and Local History who presented this notable award of recognition. Their pandemic response included:

  • A generating initiative.
  • A momentary exhibition meant to motivate and encourage society.
  • A partner-supported community art display and public data analysis to help uncover the pandemic and resolve mental health issues of society.

Aside from that, they started special educational initiatives to provide secured and nourishing environments for childcare, summer camps, virtual learning hubs, and other opportunities for learning and exploration.

Johnson County Museum has continuously proved its growth and innovation throughout time. Its unwavering support for opening opportunities to enrich the heritage and culture has continued and helped the young. If you wish to experience fun and learning, visit the museum at 8788 Metcalf Ave, Overland Park, KS 66212, United States.

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Museum At Prairiefire

If you’re up for a stimulating and learning experience, then Museum At Prairiefire is the best museum that would fit your challenge! Visiting this museum takes their guests on a journey of colossal. Museum At Prairiefire aims to bring education, exploration, and new experiences for better learning and understanding!

The Museum at Prairiefire is a non-profit organization dedicated to encouraging the young through active learning and participation in science, culture, art, and natural history via various events and programs. Regular programs, interactive exercises, and activities for both adults and children are offered at the Museum at Prairiefire, in addition to their diverse collection of dynamic, realistic Natural History, Science, and Art displays. The museum’s exhibits emphasize discoveries, natural history, and cultural heritage relevant to today’s world.

Additionally, the Museum at Prairiefire delivers programs for children and students seeking safe, complementary educational experiences. They offer students enrolled in an online school the Learning Co-Op program. Additionally, youth and adult programs are accessible and open to individuals not enrolled in an educational institution. Learning, experience, and entertainment is the core goal of Museum At Prairiefire. If you want to enjoy having a productive time while being fun and experiencing excitement happily, the Museum At Prairiefire is at 5801 W 135th St, Overland Park, KS 66223, United States.

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Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art

Museums are home to preserving historic items passed on from generation to generation and an establishment dedicated to safekeeping culture and various art forms from time to time. Overland Park, Kansas, has the Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art, opening a gate for exhibition and displaying worthy art collections.

The museum hosts several exhibitions of cutting-edge contemporary art from across the world and an active and diverse educational programming program for children. Since its pioneering in the fall of 2007, it has received national and international acclaim for its design, exhibitions, educational activities, and collection. The museum, which attracts over 100,000 visitors each year, is widely perceived as one of the region’s most significant and contemporary cultural destinations.

It was Architect Kyu Sung Woo who created the beautiful, simple structure, covered with Kansas limestone. The permanent collection and temporary exhibitions are in 11 spacious galleries that span the museum’s two levels and are open to guest viewing. The Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art exhibits is on par with nationally and internationally renowned art institutions. These institutions are the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, Dublin’s the Irish Museum of Modern Art, and California’s Los Angeles County Museum of Art in California, to name a few. Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art is at 12345 College Blvd, Overland Park, KS 66210, United States.

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