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Whether you need a sturdy surface for driving or a reliable space for playing, asphalt installation provides a foundation that will last for the years to come. An asphalt driveway or parking lot looks attractive and you can trust its reliability every day. Let the professionals from Overland Park Asphalt help you with asphalt installation.

We proudly serve all properties throughout Prairie Village, Kansas, Overland Park, Kansas, Leawood, Kansas, Mission, Kansas, and Stillwell, Kansas. We offer numerous residential and commercial asphalt services, ensuring we exceed our customer’s expectations every chance we get. 

From driveway pavements to parking lots, we are ready for any project. When you contact us for a consultation, we will work to understand your style, so we can present you with several options to complete your asphalt project.

Reliable Asphalt Installation Services

At Overland Park Asphalt, we understand that a paved area is an investment, and we believe it’s a good one. Asphalt is the top choice for paved areas such as driveways and parking lots because it can withstand a lot of weight and is durable. 

When done correctly, a properly paved area will withstand the elements of both man and nature for many years. It will also add value to your home or business and help you make a great first impression on your visitors.

When you need a new paved area, call us. Before we start our paving process, our technicians will talk to you about your vision and offer our professional opinion on things like placement, size, and price. We’ll also ensure that any drainage issues are taken care of and that your property has a solid foundation so that cars can drive on it safely.

Our experts have many years of experience in the paving industry, so whether it’s an asphalt driveway or a mall parking lot, we’ll have your paved area done quickly and professionally.

Why is Asphalt the Best Material for Pavement?

To prepare hot-mix asphalt, two ingredients are combined. The first is aggregate, which is a blend of gravel, sand, or stones. 

The second is asphalt cement. It is a liquified petroleum product that is obtained from crude oil. Asphalt cement is dark and thick, and it serves as a binding material for the aggregate.

Below are the reasons why asphalt remains the best material for driveway or parking lot pavement.

Asphalt is Safe.

Asphalt creates the smoothest surface for driving. Smooth roads allow better contact with vehicle tires for a safer and more enjoyable ride. Open-graded asphalt, a special type of road surface, can minimize splash and spray during rainstorms to reduce crashes and fatalities on highways.

Asphalt is Cost-Effective.

Smooth roads are not only safer, but they also save money. Reduced wear and tear on vehicles due to fewer bumps in the road brings down vehicle operating costs.

Moreover, when you increase the smoothness of a road by 25%, its lifespan increases. Asphalt roads can be built more quickly and cost-effectively than other pavements as well, and they can be designed as a “Perpetual Pavement” that only needs periodic maintenance to perform well.

Asphalt is Energy-Efficient.

Smooth asphalt roads also reduce rolling resistance, which results in a better fuel economy and reduced carbon dioxide emissions. Special warm mix asphalt pavements can be constructed at lower temperatures, further reducing the energy needed to heat asphalt materials for road construction.

Asphalt is Motorist-Friendly.

One of the best benefits of asphalt is the motorist-friendly construction process. Asphalt roads can be paved just a lane at a time, minimizing disruption to citizens and reducing congestion through speedy construction processes, saving taxpayers thousands of dollars in user costs.

Projects can often be completed in one short day, even overnight, leaving routes open for travelers and providing street access for stores and businesses. Other materials can be poured in place but are not ready for traffic for several days while the materials are set up. Asphalt can be paved, striped, and driven on in one afternoon.

Asphalt is Environmentally-Friendly.

Asphalt benefits extend beyond the road. It is the most recycled product in the United States. Waste such as used tires and shingles can also be reused in new asphalt pavement.

Asphalt Application

Another good thing about asphalt is that you can apply it almost anywhere. Asphalt’s smooth texture provides a safe place to run and play, and its rugged flexibility allows it to bear the weight of cars and trucks.

Parking Lots

The constant traffic that a parking lot receives is no match for the durability and flexibility of asphalt paving. Therefore, it’s no surprise that asphalt is a popular choice for paving parking lots.

Since asphalt cools and hardens quickly, your parking lot will not be out of commission for long during the installation process. Our expert team will soon have your new parking lot ready for use.


Houses in any neighborhood will benefit from the attractive look of an asphalt driveway. Our precise installation helps improve the value of your home. The easy maintenance of asphalt means that you can keep your driveway looking in top shape for many years.

Athletic Surfaces

Sporting activities such as tennis and basketball require a smooth, even surface. This provides players a sure footing so they do not trip or stumble.

It also ensures the balls bounce evenly during a game. Our experts can lay an asphalt basketball court or tennis court to your exact specifications.


Whether you want a straight walkway or a winding trail, we can use asphalt to create a sure path for your feet. Asphalt sidewalks are reliable and sturdy, and the ease of repairing or resurfacing them means that they will last for years to come. Our team will work together with you to choose the best layout for your asphalt sidewalk.

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